Planner View

Planner view is your main tool to add and manage your schedule. Planner hosts Semesters, Holidays and All Students major sections.

1. Semesters Section

Use Semesters section to add/edit semesters (terms) > courses > classes and exams (tests, finals) and all related details such as class types, dates & times, locations, periodicity etc.

Planner View
Courses View
Course Schedule
Classes and exams will only show up in Today and in Calendar views when they are input within your semester time frames.

Setting up repetitive classes

Once you've created a course, you can add your classes. You can easily add any type of class either using one of the pre-defined class types or create your custom ones. iTeacherBook gives you the possibility to add both regular classes and single events.

New Class
Class Repeats
Default class duration time is 60 min and time range is 5 min, but you can customize these according to your needs (Today > Info page > Settings > Planner).

See below visual examples of every other day (A-B days) and every other week (A-B weeks) schedule:

November, 2011 Every other working day,
class starts on the 3rd of November
November, 2011 Every other working day,
class starts on the 2nd of November
November, 2011 Every 2 weeks on Mon, Tue, Fri,
class starts on the 2nd of November

Each Course view additionally includes Assignments, Students and Advanced tabs.

Assignments tab shows you the summary of all related to this particular course assignments and homework that you input. Tapping an assignment will lead you to view and edit its details.

Students tab inside Course view presents you a list of students who you enrolled to this particular Course. You will also see the current grade received by each student so far.

Advanced tab will allow you customizing the grading scale for this particular course. You are also given a possibility to create and export automatic Attendance report, Grades report and Students Info report to .CSV format.

Course Assignments
Enrolled Students
Course Grades and Reports

2. Holidays Section

Holidays button in the main Planner view leads you to the section where all holidays/vacations/days off you input will be listed. You can mark either one day or a range of days as your days off.

Once you mark any day as a holiday/day off it will appear in Calendar view with the 'HOLIDAY' notice and no classes will be shown on this day.

Holidays Section
Holiday View
Holiday Duration
The shift of schedule after holidays works for every x and every x working days now, but we are working to deliver a solution for A & B weeks as well.

2. All Students Section

All Students section in the main Planner view shows you the list of all the students enrolled to your course(s). This section stores all the information related to your students (IDs, names, contacts of them and their parents, birthdays and address). All students are automatically sorted by courses.

In addition, when choosing any student on the list you have the possibility to check the summary of this student’s attendance and his or her grade received for the course so far.

All Students Section
Student Details
Student's Attendance