iTeacherBook: Major Update of Best App for Teachers!

Dear professors, instructors, coaches and all who happen to battle in the everyday totally nightmarish and wonderfully creative field of teaching, we are bringing to you our major iTeacherBook app update now.

We hope that iTeacherBook app helps you be even more organized. Now you can save time on planning your schedule and calculating grades of your students. Instead, you will have more time to create super cool new lesson plans to make students prefer your subject above all others.

So welcome the new, totally awesome iTeacherBook, re-designed and re-imagined from the teachers perspective. It feels fresh and it tastes fresh, let’s take a bite and see. By the way, we brought you some cupcakes so grab one for yourself, make yourself comfortable and follow us.

The app supports iOS 7 and 8. With this, the technical cooking part is over, let’s immediately skip to the royal icing (that’s what we all love in cupcakes, to be honest):

  • new app icon (well, obviously, the wrap matters!)
  • new look, refined and stylish, iTeacherBook app looks simply delicious
  • the option to set odd and even working days, to some of you really useful when planning your schedule
  • the option to set online (time irrelevant) classes
  • new calendar view
  • option to export data to third-party calendars
  • AMAZING: course stats on iPad (hours remaining, average student attendance rate, progress of your students etc)

Bon appetit!

  • Colin Tan

    Finally here!!! Thank you guys! It looks great!

    • iTeacherBook Team

      Hi Colin!

      Thanks! We are glad you like the update.

  • Dianmantis

    Where is the mac version?

    • iTeacherBook Team


      We plan to develop it in future.
      No ETA of the release at the moment.

  • Marcia

    Finally! That’s what I expected for so long! Bravo! Clean design, nice new features…congratulations!

    • iTeacherBook Team

      Hi Marcia!

      Thank you! We are glad you like the update.

  • Luiza Souza

    Thanks for continuing the app development. I really think you should make a Mac version of it :)

    • iTeacherBook Team

      Hi Luiza!

      Thanks and we plan to!

      • Budha M Nepal

        When? this is been requested for over two years. We would like to know if it is under development?

  • Budha M Nepal

    We have been waiting for the Mac version of this app. It has been over year or two. When will the mac version of the app developed?

  • Alina Vaskova

    Hi! Could you tell me how to put marks for each student? i found the place in app where i should make this function On, but i’m not sure where exactly i can put marks. There’s no place for it. Need help! It was written in app for iPad that i need to go to your site then i found the info i need, but nope, no info here.

  • Sueli Ramos

    Há previsão de atualização do app?