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iTeacherBook User’s Guide now available

We welcome everyone to check out iTeacherBook User’s Guide that we have just made available here. We hope it will help those of you who are just starting to get acquainted with the app. We also expect that some tricks and tips in the guide help mature users better manage their schedule and students info.

We continue working to make iTeacherBook even more effective, so all your suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

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13 Responses

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  1. Frank Bannon said

    Great work guys – any chance of an iPad version at all?

  2. iTeacherBook Team said

    Hi Frank, yes we will release iPad version in the near future. Can’t announce exact dates so far.

  3. Irela said

    I need an iPad version any idea when release this?. Thanks

  4. iTeacherBook Team said

    Irela, thanks for your question. We can’t tell exactly when, but we are working on it. Things take time…

  5. Tim Brown said

    Any plans on being able to withdraw or drop a student from individual classes?
    I really appreciate this APP!

  6. iTeacherBook Team said

    Hi Tim, no, you can’t withdraw student from individual class so far, only from course.

  7. Aaron Orchard said

    Hi there,

    Is there anyway when importing the csv file it can contain previous grades that can then link to reports. Also is there a way to export and send the grades to the students the same way that you send the assignment so that they get just their grade.
    Love this App and presented it to staff as a tool to be used last week.
    Many Thanks

  8. iTeacherBook Team said

    Aaron Orchard, thanks for your question. We will try to implement this in the update.

  9. Debbie said

    Any progress on iPad app? Eagerly awaiting it.

  10. Mark Beentjes said

    Is there a chance the ipad verion will be available before the end off summer?

  11. iTeacherBook Team said

    Guys, iPad version is in active development and we are doing our best to release asap.

  12. Michelle said

    Can anyone help me on the grades part.. I do my grades based on points no averages or weights. I have it set on points but it keeps averaging. Any suggestions?

  13. Michelle said

    Just fyi I have the app on my ipad..

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