Happy Hair-Rising Halloween!

Who says Halloween is just for fun?

It’s time to dig, grab your spade and run!

Best app for teachers is now on sale

For only two nights! You should know the trail:

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Happy Halloween, in support we meet!

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iOS 6 is no longer supported by iTeacherBook

Starting 3rd of August, 2015 iTeacherBook Cloud Sync Server will no longer be available on devices using iOS 6 and earlier.
Please make sure to update to iOS 7 or newer in order to be able to sync iTeacherBook data between your iPhone and iPad.

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Educational Discount: iTeacherBook – Best Teacher Planner

In case you can influence your school’s decision makers or you are one of them, then now is the right time to consider purchasing iTeacherBook app for the teachers of your high school, college or uni.

iTeacherBook application is universal for iPhone and iPad and is the perfect tool to help teachers stay organized, track attendance and progress of their students, manage homework submission and gather statistics on each student and groups of students by course.
Read about amazing features as export reports, notifications, Calendar app integration, attaching photos to student profiles and option to create lesson plans right in classroom, on the app’s website: www.iteacherbook.com

Create additional benefit for the teachers of your educational establishment and purchase iTeacherBook through Apple Volume Purchasing Program.

Save 50% OFF the price if you purchase 20 copies and more.

24/7 support for all users of the app is guaranteed by iStudiez Pro Team, developers of iTeacherBook and iStudiez Pro apps.

Help your school managers be the first to know!

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Giveaway Contest: iTeacherBook for iPad!

The back-to-school season is back again and we need to welcome it properly, right? Those unlucky guys who still have no idea that such a great app as iTeacherBook exists, let’s push them a little! Save them from the horrible fate and enlighten them with iTeacherBook advantages!iTeacherBook-StudentDetails

We will give away 30 promo codes of iTeacherBook (universal for iPhone and iPad) after the contest results are processed.


  1. Like iTeacherBook Facebook page
  2. Share on Facebook and write a small post on your timeline about how the app can help a teacher
  3. Add #iTeacherBook tag to your post.

Winners will be chosen on the 27th of July by random selection and announced on our Facebook page.

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iTeacherBook: Major Update of Best App for Teachers!

Dear professors, instructors, coaches and all who happen to battle in the everyday totally nightmarish and wonderfully creative field of teaching, we are bringing to you our major iTeacherBook app update now.

We hope that iTeacherBook app helps you be even more organized. Now you can save time on planning your schedule and calculating grades of your students. Instead, you will have more time to create super cool new lesson plans to make students prefer your subject above all others.

So welcome the new, totally awesome iTeacherBook, re-designed and re-imagined from the teachers perspective. It feels fresh and it tastes fresh, let’s take a bite and see. By the way, we brought you some cupcakes so grab one for yourself, make yourself comfortable and follow us.

The app supports iOS 7 and 8. With this, the technical cooking part is over, let’s immediately skip to the royal icing (that’s what we all love in cupcakes, to be honest):

  • new app icon (well, obviously, the wrap matters!)
  • new look, refined and stylish, iTeacherBook app looks simply delicious
  • the option to set odd and even working days, to some of you really useful when planning your schedule
  • the option to set online (time irrelevant) classes
  • new calendar view
  • option to export data to third-party calendars
  • AMAZING: course stats on iPad (hours remaining, average student attendance rate, progress of your students etc)

Bon appetit!