iTeacherBook is the unique application for teachers which combines tracking schedule, managing students attendance and grades.

Daily overview of scheduled classes, class details and option to check students' attendance.

iTeacherBook Features At a Glance:

Plan Your Lectures

With the Planner tool you can easily enter your courses and lectures. Every day you will see the plan of the classes you need to give, with possibility to edit details and add notes.

Import Students Info

To attach students to your courses you are given several options to choose from: either
bulk import CSV or VCF file from iTunesĀ® File Sharing or add through Contacts or add new student entries.

Send Out Assignments

iTeacherBook lets you create assignments and send them to all the students enrolled to your course. You can mark assignments depending on status (learn more from the app) and sort by due date and by course.

Track Attendance

You can attach students to every course and track their attendance for current and past classes. iTeacherBook will always show you how many students are enrolled to the course and how many attend each class.

Grade Your Students

The system of grades calculation of the app is fabulous. You can grade every student based on letter, points and percent grading scales that you can customize for each and every course you teach.

See Events From Calendar

iTeacherBook can also show your personal events from iOS Calendar, if you wish so. You can also create events straight from iTeacherBook as well as choose which calendars you wish to see in the app.

Export To .CSVs

iTeacherBook grants you the option to create various types of reports and exporting them as .csv files to iTunes or Mail. Create attendance report, grades report or general students information report.

Stay Notified

Notifications option integrated into iTeacherBook will not let you forget about any upcoming class or task, instead reminding you of every event and assignment to hand out, as well as of tests and exams that you need to host.

Customize It To Your Needs

iTeacherBook settings integrated in the app allow customizing almost everything in the app: grading options, general time duration of a class, notifications times and dates, calendars management, app icon badge and much more.